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I1-M253 extended with Haplogroup I1 SNP Phylo Tree by Terry Robb, January-June 2013
J2a-M410 (xL24, M67) extended with Phylogeny research 1.6 preview b unfinished by Chris Rottensteiner, 18 August 2013
J2a1b-M67 extended with Phylogeny research 1.2 preview a2 unfinished by Chris Rottensteiner, 26 June 2013
J2a1h-L24 extended by Ludmila Ryabchenko and Alfred Aburto

* Based on ISOGG v9.29 at 2 March 2014 and YFull Experimental YTree v2.14 at 18 April 2014

CEU - Utah residents (CEPH) with Northern and Western European ancestry
TSI - Toscani in Italia
GBR - British from England and Scotland
FIN - Finnish from Finland
IBS - Iberian populations in Spain
CHB - Han Chinese in Beijing, China
JPT - Japanese in Toyko, Japan
CHS - Han Chinese South
CDX - Chinese Dai in Xishuangbanna
KHV - Kinh in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
CHD - Chinese in Denver, Colorado
YRI - Yoruba in Ibadan, Nigeria
LWK - Luhya in Webuye, Kenya
GWD - Gambian in Western Division, The Gambia
MSL - Mende in Sierra Leone
ESN - Esan in Nigeria
ASW - African Ancestry in Southwest US
ACB - African Caribbean in Barbados
MXL - Mexican Ancestry in Los Angeles, CA
PUR - Puerto Rican in Puerto Rico
CLM - Colombian in Medellin, Colombia
PEL - Peruvian in Lima, Peru
GIH - Gujarati Indian in Houston, TX
PJL - Punjabi in Lahore,Pakistan
BEB - Bengali in Bangladesh
STU - Sri Lankan Tamil in the UK
ITU - Indian Telugu in the UK

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