Y-Chr Sequence

We'll solve your Y-Chromosome Puzzle!

Technical progress never has a standstill, and technologies in the field of DNA sequence analysis of next generation have began to develop so promptly recently, that volumes of received initial information exceeds tens gigabytes, and complexity of its processing demands professional interpretation tools. We'll analyze your NextGen Y-Chr RAW data

Haplogroup and Y-SNPs

Unlock your terminal haplogroup and known Y-SNPs (854222)

Novel variants

Discover unique Y-SNPs found only in your sample (2733570)


Report on all the STRs (780+) extracted from Y-Chromosome

NextGen Sequence Interpretation  €45
Analyzing the data of genetic tests of the Y-Chromosome (NGS) and submitting to the YFull database

Analysis and comparing your NextGen Y-Chr sequencing data
YReport: Hg and SNPs, Novel SNPs, SNP matches, STR results, STR variants, Age estimation
Upgrades, Comparisons
STR matches x
All newly discovered SNPs will be added to the Y-series
Actual terminal SNPs and positioning on the YTree
You may use group membership (haplogroups, geographical or family)
Upgrade "Y>Mt" ... €0 1
Free regular updates!
* FREE charge upgrade of .VCF to .BAM is included Big Y700
* No subscription fee! No prepayments. MtDNA results optionaly
1 ? Free Mt analysis is available in your personal account only after payment for the Y

mtDNA Interpretation  €23
Analyzing the data of genetic tests of the mtDNA and submitting to the YFull database

Analysis and comparing your mtDNA sequencing data
MReport, Hg and SNPs, Mt matches
Actual terminal SNPs and positioning on the MTree
Upgrade "Mt>Y" ... €23 1
Free regular updates!
1 ? This upgrade is available in your personal account in the 'My orders' section only after payment for the Mt

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YFull's NextGen Sequence Interpretation reports about your BAM file are provided online. There are also various data download options. A complete list of the YFull reports and information about your sample can be seen in the vertical menu on the left side of the home page after logging in to your account.


You may use group membership to contact the group administrators and members. This is a good way to share information about your subclade and to consider with other members how to expand membership of your subclade.

YTree v12.01

YFull seeks to place your sample in the YTree as near to the present as is possible by comparing your path of mutations with the path of mutations of other samples in its database. In the future, as more samples are added to the YFull database, your terminal subclade location may change.

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Marilyn Collins Pilkington wrote:

"I would like to say how impressed I am with Y-Full's analysis. They recently compared .BAM file results of my father and his third cousin and, without knowing the relationship, estimated the time to their most recent common ancestor as 125 years before present (i.e., 1825). He was in fact born in 1822. You won't get any closer than that."

Brian D. Skinner wrote:

"Thanks for this dna analysis service. Very informative."

Keith Taylor wrote:

"I got my results recently. This is a big Thank You for an excellent product. The graphics make it so easy to visualize all this data."

Bernard Beguet

"Bravo for your neat website. The analysis was fast. The presentation of results is made so easy to use. This allows me to better understand my position in the tree G2a2b1a. Thank you."

Keith Stephan

"Thank you so much for your analysis of my YDNA. Although I have been involved in this DNA testing for about three years, I am not all that adept at understanding the YDNA results I received from Full Genomes Inc. YFull helped me to get understandable outcomes from the result. Thanks to YFull, I am now in a subclade of R1a1 L1029 called Y2604. The other member is Sardinian. Maybe some of my earlier ancestors were mercenaries in the Mediterranean region."

Vladimir Gurianov

"The YFull team has made a great contribution to the study subclade Q-L275. Cooperation with them and use the opportunities complete sequence Y chromosome (via Full Genomes) led to the excellent results. There are rare subclades that are away from the research interests of big science. In such cases, the YFull team provides a unique support for citizen scientists."

James Larry Vick

"I was very pleased with the way YFull displayed my Full Genomes results. The STR format for the report is especially friendly. I also was very happy that I could have my results included in a haplogroup project. I definitely will recommend that others submit their results to YFull, and I look forward to submitting my Big Y results also."

Alessandro Bonelli di Salci

"Nice and professional services."

Brian Symonds

"Great service and communication. Highly recommended."

Tom Fowler

"Thank you very much for the results. They have been very informative and helpful in my research."

Abdulaziz Ali

"Thank you for your great analysis!"