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Q: How do I order a YFull interpretation of my Big Y-500 or other test results?

A: The ordering process is very easy.

Use YFull's on-line order form.

The first time you place an order, YFull will use the E-mail and Username that you enter in the "About me" box on the order form to open a YFull account for you. A password will be e-mailed to you. Additional orders may be added to this account. You may change your password by using the Settings tab on your account home page.

The order form requires you to specify the type of raw data file that you plan to share with YFull and, to select the name of the testing company from one of the choices on the form.

Here is what you should do in order to make your raw data file available for sharing with YFull:

* In the case of a BAM file for your BigY-500, FTDNA has established a procedure for obtaining a Share BAM link to the file. In general, select the Download Raw Data button in your Big Y-500 Results and then select Generate BAM. When the BAM file is ready, you will see a Share BAM button when you select Download Raw Data. Use this button to find a link to your BAM file. Copy the link and paste it into the URL box on the YFull order form.

* Other testing companies have established their own procedures for making BAM sharing links available. For example, at Full Genomes there is a "Share Kit" feature on the page you will see after logging in, and at YSEQ you will need to send an email request asking that your BAM be shared with YFull.

* Some companies may need YFull's email address, which is given at the bottom of this YFull page: https://www.yfull.com/about/ .

* If your testing company offers your raw data in the .FASTQ format, YFull is not able to accept that format.

You can also use the Comment Box to explain other special circumstances that you want YFull to understand. For example: “The sample submitted is that of my uncle. He has asked me to manage the sample for him.”

Following the Comment box, complete the self-explanatory anti-spam requirement and the agreement to certain additional terms and conditions by checking the box inside the red background square, just above the Order Now button. Then use the Order Now button to place your order.

YFull will promptly confirm by e-mail the receipt of each order and that it has been able to download the shared raw data. The e-mail will include a YFull identification number for the shared file. The YFull identification number will be added to the YTree in what is called a "predetermined subclade" (a provisional or temporary position) and will be designated as "new" for a period of 45 days. This location in the YTree may change at the time of the next revision of the tree.

Payment for an order is not required until YFull sends you an e-mail requesting payment and explaining the payment options. Completion of payment is a pre-requisite to "unlocking" the YFull interpretation.

Last updated on June 09, 2019.