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Q: How does YFull determine my Terminal Hg?

A: YFull seeks to place your sample in the YTree as near to the present as is possible by comparing your path of SNP mutations with the paths of SNP mutations of other samples in its database. A "path of mutations" is a list of mutations ranked by the estimated age of each mutation.

If your mutations exactly match those of another sample in the database, your sample will be placed in the same subclade as the other sample and this will be the Terminal Hg (or subclade) of both samples.

In some cases a sample may include an * (asterisk) to indicate that YFull was not able to match the sample with another sample beyond the specified location in the YTree.

At the time you pay your fee to YFull, the location of your sample in the YTree is temporary. When the next version of the YTree is released your Terminal Hg may change. Also, as more samples are added to the YFull database, your Terminal Hg may continue to change.

Last updated on March 28, 2018.