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Q: How do I change my Password and establish other Settings for my account?

A: The Settings tab on your account home page is the starting point. By selecting this tab you will open the My settings window. This window shows five columns of Settings for your (or each of your) YFull ID samples. In the Account settings tab are four choices: Privacy Settings, FTDNA, Most Distant Ancestor and Country of Origin. The Global settings tab can be used to change your email address, your name and your Password. The Group settings tab shows the group or groups you have joined and an option to leave. The Sharing settings tab allows you to share your YFull sample with another YFull customer. The Agreement tab lists the agreements you have made with YFull.

With respect to the Most Distant Ancestor and Country of Origin settings, you should consider the traditional genealogical research that you have already done. Based on that research, your Most Distant Ancestor is the most distant "Y line" (paternal) ancestor for which you have a documented paper trail leading to the male whose test YFull has interpreted. The Country of Origin is the country where that ancestor was born or first appears in written records.

There will be situations where the ancestor came from a country or area that no longer has the same name or where the name you want to use is not in the drop-down menu. If that is the case, just use what you think is the best choice in the drop-down menu or do not make any choice.

Last updated on March 29, 2018.