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Q: How does YFull determine the quality ratings for my Known SNPs and for my Novel SNPs?

A: YFull developed a proprietary SNP rating system by studying and analyzing a significant number next generation sequencing raw data files. Raw data files contain the values of the positions that are read as well as information about the number and the quality of the readings of these positions.

For Known SNPs, the YFull quality ratings are expressed as a star rating system, where 5 stars reflects YFull's highest confidence in the quality of a SNP and 1 star its lowest level of confidence. SNPs with 2, 3, 4 and 5 stars are deemed to be of good quality, and SNPs with only 1 star of low quality. As the number of stars increases so also does YFull's confidence level. The star rating system is used in the YFull "Hg and SNPs" pages, and in the "Check SNPs" tool. YFull uses SNPs rated from two to five stars to build its YTree.

For Novel SNPs, the YFull quality ratings are expressed as Best, Acceptable, Ambiguous and Low.

If a customer submits a second sample to YFull for analysis, the application of the YFull rating system to the new sample could result in different quality ratings for the Novel SNPs.

Last updated on March 28, 2018.