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Q: What are the benefits of joining a YFull Group? How to I join a Group? How do I leave a Group?

A: You may use group membership to contact the group administrators and members. This is a good way to share information about your subclade and to consider with other members how to expand membership of your subclade. Expansion may lead to contacts with persons who will have matches with your private and novel SNPs. Being in a group also gives you access to "search" features (called Y-Results, and Y-Browser) and a cross-reference link to the YTree for the group.

To join a YFull Group, log in to your account, and then select Groups in the menu on the left side of the home page. From the Group list select the group you wish to join. You will now see a page bearing the group name. From the yellow horizontal menu on this page, select Join request. Make sure the Sample ID is the one you wish to use for this Group, add a comment (this field is required), select the "I agree . . ." box and then Send the request.

To leave a YFull Group, selected the Settings tab on your account home page. This will open the My settings window. This window shows four columns of Settings for your (or each of your) YFull ID samples. The Group settings tab shows the group or groups you have joined and an option to leave.

Last updated on March 28, 2018.