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Q: When does YFull move Private SNPs to its YTree?

A: A Private SNP is moved to the YTree when it ceases to be private. In the Definition of Private SNP, YFull states that this occurs when a Private SNP has been matched in another YFull database sample with the same "localization". See "Private SNP" and "Localization" in the FAQ Definitions.

The Private SNP and the SNP in the new (or second) sample must be phylogenetically consistent and must each have a 2, 3, 4 or 5 star quality rating (in the case of a Known SNP) or a Best or Acceptable quality (in the case of a Novel SNP). The new sample may be from a closely related person.

In the case of a Novel SNP that ceases to be private and is to be added to the YTree, YFull will use an existing name located by searching the HG19 or HG38 position number in YBrowse or given earlier by YFull in the Yxxxxxx series of SNPs. If there is no existing name, YFull will create a name.

When a private SNP is moved to the YTree, which happens only at the time of a revision of the YTree (and not at the time a new sample is added to the YTree), the SNP may either be placed in an existing subclade or in a new subclade formed at the time of the YTree revision, depending on YFull's analysis. At the same time, the SNP will no longer be designated as private.

Sometimes several SNPs will be added at the time of a revision of the YTree because of a close relationship of the two samples being compared.

Last updated on March 28, 2018.