SNPs currently defining R-BY3851
FT114310(H)     H
FT86144(H)     H
FTB16966 / Y215724    
Y488498(H)     H
Y489080(H)     H
Y507610(H)     H
FT183328(H)     H
Sample ID Country / Language Info Ref File Testing company Statistics Status
YF009949 Sweden (Östergötlands län) R-BY3851 R-BY3851*, R-FT189406, R-FT114029* Hg19 .BAM FTDNA (Y500) 56X, 13.6 Mbp, 165 bp
YF122285 United Kingdom (Antrim) R-FT189406 —— T2T .BAM Nebula Genomics 13X, 44.4 Mbp, 150 bp
YF068505 Scotland (Selkirk/shire /Ettrick) R-FT189406 —— Hg38 .BAM FTDNA (Y700) 29X, 17.9 Mbp, 151 bp
YF087514 —— R-FT114029* —— Hg38 .BAM Nebula Genomics 22X, 23.6 Mbp, 150 bp
YF116085 United States (Arizona) / English R-BY54584* —— Hg38 .BAM Nebula Genomics 45X, 23.6 Mbp, 150 bp
GMP05153 Poland (Śląskie) R-FTB5864 —— Hg38 .BAM Scientific 30X, 23.6 Mbp, 150 bp
YF089422 Belarus (Vicebskaja voblasc') / Russian R-FTB5864 —— Hg38 .BAM FTDNA (Y700) 55X, 17.5 Mbp, 151 bp
YF065315 Ireland R-FT112746* —— T2T .BAM FTDNA (Y700) 48X, 25.6 Mbp, 151 bp
YF128717 new —— R-Y215762 —— T2T .BAM Nebula Genomics 45X, 45.1 Mbp, 150 bp
YF073280 France (Vendée) R-Y215762 YF002736 Hg19 .BAM Dante Labs 12X, 23.0 Mbp, 151 bp
YF002736 France (Vendée) R-Y215762 YF073280 | R-BY3631*, R-FT112746 Hg19 .BAM FTDNA (Y500) 56X, 14.8 Mbp, 165 bp

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