Offer-contract for services

1. Subject of a contract

"Autónomo Chulpan Urasina" renders a Service of interpretation of raw data "" directly to the User and/or with involvement of the third parties, and the User undertakes to accept and observe this Contract and to pay for a service according to its cost.

2. Conditions and order of Service rendering

2.1 "" service renders a service of raw data interpretation (in formats .BAM and .VCF) which were received as a result of NGS sequencing, processing of data, analysis, and comparison of results of the user with the other results from database.

2.2 All raw data are depersonalized and have only letter-digital identifier. Computer analysis of data is carried out for informative purposes only and is directed at studying of Y-chromosome genealogy.

2.3 Interpretation with use of software packages of own development includes analysis of all known single nucleotide polymorphisms (Y-SNP), short tandem repeats (Y-STR), "unique" Y-SNP, and mitochondrion (Mt-DNA - optional).

2.4 Service provides regular updating of results as well.

3. Payment for services

3.1 Service cost is determined by the price which was published on online order page at the moment of filling of interpretation request.

3.2 Payment of service "" Service is carried out without advance payment, only upon the executed interpretation by transfer of cash resources by the User to the Service account by electronic payment or by bank remittance.

3.3 The results of the performed service are provided online in the form of Reports on the User's Personal Page.

4. Restriction of services use

4.1 Accepting treaty provisions means that you agree with the following:
4.1.1 All persons logging in using your login and password are you or persons authorized by you
4.1.2 Not to interfere with Service work, including any unauthorised access
4.1.3 The raw data transferred by you belong to you, or you have the consent of the person, whose data you send for analysis
4.1.4 "" can use your e-mail address, name, username, most distant ancestor information, country of origin, cookies, IP address, NGS raw data (BAM file, VCF file) 1) to accept order, 2) to provide you with data analysis, 3) to inform you when your results are available, 4) to provide you with customer service, 5) to create any new useful add-ons, 6) to manage YFull services and authenticate "" website visits and usage of service, etc. (See also items 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 of "Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions").

4.2 Results on processed, but not paid by User raw data are not published on Personal page of the User until the moment of payment.

5. Updating of Conditions

5.1. "" service has the right to update or periodically change conditions of this Contract and recommends to view them regularly. You can see the current version of the Contract any time at

The offer contract comes into force by User's consent with treaty provisions. The fact of beginning of contractual relations is the procedure of online order of raw data interpretation by the User.

Our Offer contract are written in English. Any translated version is provided solely for your convenience. To the extent any translated version of our Offer-contract conflicts with the English version, the English version controls.