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About the YFull service

Technical progress never has a standstill, and technologies in the field of DNA sequence analysis of next generation have began to develop so promptly recently, that volumes of received initial information exceeds tens gigabytes, and complexity of its processing demands professional interpretation tools.

The main aim of the project is providing high-quality service for the raw data (.BAM file) analysis of Full Y-chromosome and its available and convenient visualization. Your data are always handy in any point of the world. Our service isn't limited only by the analysis of individual raw data, but also has a social focus. The groups, created within service (haplogroup and thematic projects) have to combine efforts in studying and understanding of history and migrations ways of our ancestors. Serious attention is paid to the privacy of raw data; it is possible to adjust display of certain information easy.

Scientific work on positioning of the found single nucleotide polimorphism (SNP) on a experimental Y-tree is carried out on the basis of the gathered and analysed data. We approach to interpretation of data seriously. More than 150 new variable STR-markers found, selected, studied and systematized by us can serve as a proof. More than 500 markers totally give the chance of the detailed analysis and positioning of Y-chromosomes relatively each other in a cluster, being notable addition to the SNP found.

Best regards, YFull Team.

"I would like to say how impressed I am with Y-Full's analysis. They recently compared .BAM file results of my father and his third cousin and, without knowing the relationship, estimated the time to their most recent common ancestor as 125 years before present (i.e., 1825). He was in fact born in 1822. You won't get any closer than that." - Marilyn Collins Pilkington (from YFull Facebook group)

"Thanks for this dna analysis service. Very informative." - Brian D. Skinner

"Nice and professional services." - Alessandro Bonelli di Salci

"Great service and communication. Highly recommended." - Brian Symonds

"I got my results recently. This is a big Thank You for an excellent product. The graphics make it so easy to visualize all this data." - Keith Taylor

"Thank you very much for the results. They have been very informative and helpful in my research." - Tom Fowler

"Thank you for your great analysis!" - Abdulaziz Ali

"Bravo for your neat website. The analysis was fast. The presentation of results is made so easy to use. This allows me to better understand my position in the tree G2a2b1a. Thank you." - Bernard Beguet

"Thank you so much for your analysis of my YDNA. Although I have been involved in this DNA testing for about three years, I am not all that adept at understanding the YDNA results I received from Full Genomes Inc. YFull helped me to get understandable outcomes from the result. Thanks to YFull, I am now in a subclade of R1a1 L1029 called Y2604. The other member is Sardinian. Maybe some of my earlier ancestors were mercenaries in the Mediterranean region." - Keith Stephan

"The YFull team has made a great contribution to the study subclade Q-L275. Cooperation with them and use the opportunities complete sequence Y chromosome (via Full Genomes) led to the excellent results. There are rare subclades that are away from the research interests of big science. In such cases, the YFull team provides a unique support for citizen scientists." - Vladimir Gurianov

"YFull. Love it! Uploading my .bam file was easy. I just pasted the link in their mail form. Analysis was quick; they had my results online in three days. "Hg and SNPs" is complete, informative, and easy to read. "STR results" can be selected for 12, 25, 37, 67, 111, or all markers; and "all" puts 111 to shame. "Private SNPs" are reported for five quality levels plus Indels; with complete position and mutation information. "Browse raw data" by ChrY or ChrM is a handy feature providing statistics for any base pair in your raw data. "Check SNPs" allows you to quickly check your status of any named SNP in YFull’s "legend" which is extensive. "Full mt" provides your data on both RSRS and rCRS values. Most of the reports I have mentioned also have a link for downloading a CSV file, and links for additional detail on just about anything shown. I have saved the best for last. "Groups" are available to the public at http://www.yfull.com/groups/ and provide utilities for quickly comparing kits within a group, or for checking other groups for the presence or absence of multiple SNPs in one pass. You can easily check out "Groups" yourself, so I will not go into the details." - Larry Walker, USA

"I was very pleased with the way YFull displayed my Full Genomes results. The STR format for the report is especially friendly. I also was very happy that I could have my results included in a haplogroup project. I definitely will recommend that others submit their results to YFull, and I look forward to submitting my Big Y results also." - James Larry Vick

"YFull provided top notch analysis of my full genome Y test. For my FGC tested and generated data, YFull promptly downloaded the immense files and then the voluminous material including mtDNA, Y-STR, and Y-SNP data were presented in an easily accessible, comprehensible manner. YFull analysts are experts on the Y-tree and for the my Z93 side of the R1a1 tree, I can unequivocally say that no one has better knowledge or done more to establish the structure of the tree. Extremely impressed and satisfied customer!" - Anshumat Parasar

"Many many thanks to the YFull team, I now have Big-Y results posted at YFull, together with my FGC results, including mega-STR markers and mtDNA. Again, a fantastic analysis. A really great site, I recommend to all." - William Hartley

"Many thanks for the report. Excellent presentation of the data." - John Hiles

"Thanks YFull for the interpetation! I must say your personal page data presentation is the most friendly user I have encountered so far!" - Roberto R.

"I just received my YFull interpretation: I'm very happy with it! :) Thank you very much! My closest sample is NA12282 (CEU - Utah residents (CEPH) with Northern and Western European ancestry)." - Marco Antonio Ricci

"I also just received my Yfull analysis. Thanks a million to the team at Yfull. This looks very interesting and it'll take awhile to digest it all. But I do think that I and my fellows on the same branch need a new group, since I dont fit into the existing I-groups. Im I-L1302. What are your suggestions here? Should we make a group for I-L1302 only, or include higher branches?" - Erik Holmlund

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Phone: +79153970079 (unfortunately we don't speak English in acceptable level)