I-Y141086 (age: 1283 ybp)
Formula: (1283)/1
Formula: (1283)/1

Branch ID Sample ID Number of SNPs Coverage (bp) Formula to correct SNPs number Corrected number of SNPs Formula to estimate age Age by this line only
 YF012912  7.89 7884748 7.89/7884748 * 8467165 8.47 8.47 * 144.41 + 60 1283

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SNPs currently defining I-Y141086
Sample ID Country / Language Info Ref File Testing company Statistics Status
VK497 Estonia (Saaremaa) I-Y141086 —— Hg19 .BAM Ancient 1X, 7.0 Mbp, 81 bp
YF012912 Sweden (Kronobergs län) I-Y141086 —— Hg38 .BAM FTDNA (Y500) 39X, 12.7 Mbp, 165 bp

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